Name: Julie Ginther
Nick Name: JulieSqueeze
Favorite Drink: Ice T
Favorite Music: Old School R&B
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Hobby: Playing or Watching Basketball
Favorite Vacation Spot: Everyday is a vacation for me
Turn-Ons: Confidence, loyalty, Sense of Humor, Intelligence, Romance, and Spontaneity
Turn-Offs: Smoking
Pet Peeve: People who Lie?




Julie Squeeze grew up on a farm in Salem, Oregon. At a young age, she found her niche in athletics, watching and participating in everything from basketball, (her favorite), to boxing, wake boarding, snow boarding, roller-skating and weight lifting. Julie excelled in high school basketball, but was forced to quit after she was hit by a drunk driver, breaking both arms and a leg. Unable to continue playing basketball, Julie began to search for other sports to compete in. At twenty-one she moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she found a new talent in wrestling and fitness modeling. Wrestling came very natural for Julie and revived her competitive spark. In 2006 Julie moved to LA and has since been traveling the world competing in submission, competitive, and professional wrestling. She also is a highly trained MMA fighter.

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